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                                          Guangzhou Jinsuihua Plaster Decorative Product Co., LTD. was established in 1992, is located in Baiyun district, Guangzhou. At present, our company has 12 product lines of self-owned intellectual property of domestic initiative of mechanization production. Electric open-type large-scale drying grounds is nearly 80,000 square meters, and annual production for enlargement mode fiber gypsum line is about 90 million meters, the gypsum board is 600 thousand square meters, and the plaster binder is 30,000 tons. “Suihua” is the famous brand of Gunagdong Province, And become a national high-tech enterprises of china. Its gypsum product is excellent in quality, the main product includes: Gypsum Cornices,Gypsum Line,Light Troughs ,Gypsum Curve ,Decorative Beadings,Center Panels,Relief,Decorative Corbels,Decorative Pillars and so on, it is more than ten series & several hundred varieties. The product sold nationwide and overseas, widely uses in the Hotel, Living, Market, and the Villa and so on, is the 21st century gree......


                                          • Celebrate ‘SUIHUA’brand evaluated Gunagdong Province famous trademark!

                                            Celebrate ‘SUIHUA’brand evaluated Gunagdong Province famous trademark!

                                          • Another technology receive national monopoly

                                            Recently, Our company another patented technology——‘gypsum decoration cornices mold and manufacture method’ Obtains letter patent which the State Intellectual Property Rights Office issues,Patent number: ZL200710029100.7. This patent of utili

                                          • Receive six item of national monopoly

                                            Our company has the honor to receive ‘the gypsum decoration line production line’, ‘the gypsum decoration line mold’, ‘the gypsum decoration cornices line mold’, ‘conveyer feedway’, ‘the formation at the back of the gypsum decoration

                                          • Celebrate ‘SUIHUA’brand evaluated GZ famous trademark

                                            After our company unremitting efforts, the brand of ‘SUIHUA’to evaluate the Guangzhou famous trademark. The company will insist as always “with high quality material, manufacture quality product” the principle, serves wholeheartedly for the use

                                          Guangzhou Jinsuihua Gypsum Products Co., Ltd
                                          Contact Number: 020-36784182  

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